DOMUS - итальянская мебель, кондиционеры, элитная сантехника в Белгороде.

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Colletion Luna signifies a fresh, modern elegance in the area of home furnishing and was specially created for a youthful, style-conscious public that values quality. Luna is naturally charming and timelessly beautiful. The soft, elegant lines and the decorative elements that have been produced with affectionate craftsmanship impart to the room a contemporary aesthetic filled with charm and personality.

The groove-like finish structure of the drawers is a conspicuous feature of the collection. This is where the handcrafted precision and a sense of design come through. The alternation between convex and concave forms lends the furniture a certain plasticity, while the interplay between light and shadows carries a very particular allure. Chromed decorative fittings and frosted chrome-coloured metal legs – which can be variably adjusted with all cabinet-type furniture – emphasize the collection’s elegant beauty and grace. One interesting eye catcher is the “variegated” veneer pattern, which brings out the handcrafted production and the solid character of the pieces of furniture.



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