DOMUS - итальянская мебель, кондиционеры, элитная сантехника в Белгороде.

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Aspen, a forefront cooking machine and a place to spend ever moment of the day among flavours and technology

Cromatika, the kitchen of our time. A kitchen distinguished by high contents and high quality materials, a place in which the actions of daily life converge: a phone call, a dinner with some friend, a party for the children

Design prevails, it bends and moulds the substance giving it new shapes:
Monolithic sinks, integrated handles, the thin and soaring hood. Every object in Extra program is conceived to be lived and used in a simple and effective way.

Clear and pure shapes meant to be functional to daily moves, harmony in the interaction of different materials and the simplicity of precise Cartesian geometries inspired Kata.

Reflecting surfaces and a formal lightness given by glass and aluminium make Kendo an innovative expression of kitchen space through the versatility of its components more than only an example of joint functionality and design

Man is in the centre of his modern and good tasting home setting; the kitchen represents an open space in which the art of eating and the pleasure of living home combine in a new dimension. The spirit of Sidney project puts together soft lines and advanced technology.

Tekna project was born to give a modem key to the idea of traditional kitchen. The typical plan or framed cherry door, together with several colours and materials, meet the need of the most exigent customer

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